Wondering When You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber in Byron Bay?

Occasionally, you might need an emergency plumber in Byron Bay and when you do, the experts here at Alstonville Plumbing and Gasfitting is here to help.

While a plumbing emergency is never a fun thing to deal with, it is something that will need your attention right away. Letting it go too long can lead to costly damage that can ruin more than just the pipes in your house. Keep reading for three times when you need an emergency plumber and then give us a call and we’ll be there.


There are many reasons why you may have flooding happening in your home and it’s always a reason to give us a call. Flooding can happen as a result of a clogged toilet, a hot water heater crack or a sewer backup. But, regardless of the reason, it’s always a plumbing emergency and needs to be taken care of immediately.

You could be having a problem with your sump pump or your home’s plumbing system may not be operating properly. Flooding can damage your floors, the structure of your house and much more so it’s never a good idea to let it go. Calling the experts ensures that the problem is fixed properly and that adequate clean-up is done to protect you and your family from mould and mildew growth.

No Hot Water

Not only is this a major inconvenience, but having no hot water clues you in to a potential plumbing emergency. You could be having a problem with your hot water heater that will cause additional problems if it’s not sorted out as soon as possible. Having no hot water interferes with bathing, cooking, and cleaning and isn’t something you want to live with for too long.

In general, hot water heaters need to be replaced every 11 years and if yours is old and isn’t producing enough hot water, you could be facing leaks and other plumbing problems very soon if you don’t have it taken care of immediately.

Blocked Sinks

This might not sound like an emergency, but if your sinks are blocked and backing up, you need help. In most cases, it’s not a good idea to try to clear these blockages on your own because it can lead to damaged pipes or a blockage that gets pushed deeper and is harder to get rid of. This is always a job best left to the professionals.

If you need an emergency plumber in Byron Bay? Call us here at Alstonville Plumbing and Gasfitting for fast and efficient service. Satisfaction guaranteed.