Water leaks are a very serious problem in your home, and if ignored the results can quickly get out of hand. Structural damage, mould and electrical problems can all occur if you don't pay attention to a water leak, no matter what the size. In order to prepare you more for this occasion, Alstonville Plumbing want to help you to understand the causes of your water leak, and when to call out a plumber in Lismore.

Look Out For These Common Causes Of Water Leaks

Broken seals

When your pipes were first installed, plumbers will have put seals around each connection. However, over time these seals can break down, meaning that there is no way to prevent water from escaping. Where there is condensation near appliances, or puddles of water in the surrounding area, this is a sign that your seals need replacing.

Clogged lines and drains

If there is too much gunk and debris in your drain lines, this will prevent water from flowing through, meaning that your sinks and toilets don't drain properly. Obstructions like this can cause water to overflow from other points.

Weak joints

Points where one pipe connects to another, known as a joint, is particularly prone to weakness, and may eventually lead to leaks. If you hear loud noises coming from the pipes, particularly where you are using warmer water, this is a sign that you need to call Alstonville Plumbing quickly.

Loose hoses

Most modern appliances use hoses to supply water, and these hoses are often the source of leaks. They can become loose when they are being used, and they as they are made of rubber they may deteriorate and have small perforated holes. Alstonville Plumbing can quickly resolve this problem with replacement hosepipes.

Excessive water pressure

If something is causing your water pressure to rise, then your pipes may be feeling the strain. The majority of faucets and pipe joints can only cope with a certain height of water pressure, and so any rise above this might cause water to start leaking from any point.


The age of your pipes might mean that some of them suffer from corrosion. Discolouration and warping might mean that you need to call in experienced plumbers to solve your leak problem.

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