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If you’re fed up with not getting to enjoy a nice hot shower, call Alstonville Plumbing & Gasfitting. Our plumbers and licensed electricians can supply, install and repair your hot water system - no matter what kind it is.
Electric Hot Water — Hot Water Systems in Ballina and Lismore, NSW

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are slowly being phased out through most of the Northern Rivers and Australia, however many older properties still make use of them. As we are plumbers and electricians, we’re able to offer an all-in-one service when it comes to electric water systems. Our team has many years’ experience with these systems, and we understand some of the common faults and issues that occur.
Gas Hot Water system — Hot Water Systems in Ballina and Lismore, NSW

Gas Hot Water Installation

For a cost-effective choice, gas is our recommendation. Gas hot water systems have quickly become the first-choice for most home owners and it’s easy to see why. The system only costs a fraction more than electric and they are cheaper to run over the years. Gas systems are also great for the environment and are an easy way to reduce your carbon emissions.
Solar Hot Water — Hot Water Systems in Ballina and Lismore, NSW

Solar Hot Water Installation

For the best long-term cost-efficiency, you can’t go past a solar hot water system. Using the natural sunlight that is plentiful in the Northern Rivers, you can enjoy almost free hot water for many years. Solar systems are the most expensive upfront, however they typically pay for themselves after 5 years.

This makes them the best option for home owners looking to save money in the long run. If you’re worried about not getting enough sun, don’t! We also have gas and electric-boosted systems that will help fill in any gaps when there’s not enough sunlight to power your hot water system.
Evacuated Tube — Hot Water Systems in Ballina and Lismore, NSW

Hot Water System Repairs & Installation

Of course, it’s not just installations our plumbers can handle. We also repair and service all kinds of hot water systems and heaters throughout Alstonville and the surrounds. Whether it’s a broken thermostatic valve, old piping that is leaking, or an issue with the gas line, our team can locate, diagnose and repair the fault for you - usually on the same day.
If you’re noticing your hot water runs out after a few people shower, you may need a bigger tank. Or, we can recommend a continuous flow gas heater, giving you a cost-effective alternative to an expensive tank upgrade.

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No matter if you have electric, gas or solar, the Alstonville Plumbing & Gasfitting team can install, service, repair and maintain your system at some of the lowest prices in the Northern Rivers region. Contact our team today to get a quote.

Of course, we also offer 24/7 emergency hot water repairs as well. Call us on 0427 285 626 if it’s an emergency, and we’ll get out to you asap.


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